El Repión

flor-y-pueblo-300x199The company was born from the idea of using the natural resources of the area, thereby contributing to sustainable use themselves and the development of the local economy.

Always working with respect and care for nature and our environment.

We guarantee the quality, origin and reliability of our products.

The Repión was established as the first company in the area that makes the process of developing rockrose gum "labdanum gum" in a controlled and respectful way to the environment.

Ensuring the implantation of a working model that contributes to the creation of permanent jobs and the local development in the area.

By introducing new technologies, The Repión achieves a significant improvement in the quality of their products.

We modernised the production techniques of ‘labdanum’ gum, introducing a continuous process that facilitates control and product homogeneity.

Having successfully achieved our initial objectives, the company hopes to continue its success with new projects which involve the distillation of wild medicinal and aromatic plants.

Our Products


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