The Area

The Repión is situated in the South-West of Spain, in Huelva. More specifically in the Andévalo, Calañas, which is the geographic centre of the province.

This is an area that dominates the Atlantic influence and acid soils with granite, slate and genesis are rich in species of medicinal and aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme, lavender (Lavender stoechas) and rock rose (Cistus ladanifer), especially this one, which is present in large areas.



Increasingly, modern society is concerned about the sustainability of the natural environment around us.

To ensure the regular and controlled use of floral resources, The Repión currently has contracts to manage land with public and private institutions, so preventing uncontrolled harvesting of plants with the consequent risk of exploitation and erosion.

Our company understands the need to minimize the ecological impact of the development activity of gum labdanum and good management of the mountain.



We select the best leaf and stems for the distillation of oil, offering the quality essential oils every day.

Obtaining essential oil is made by steam distillation in stainless steel alembic.

Collection Process

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